KATOOL Auto Body Frame Puller Straightener Free Hand air pump clamps and tools


Product Description:
  • Small size, light weight, convenient operation, can be used by one person.
  • Saw tooth chain fixing system to improve the adjustability of the chain.
  • The support frame and lifting support frame can assist in shaping the parts to be repaired and facilitate maintenance.
  • Simple shape, especially practical for small shape repair.
  • Convenient and efficient system for minor shape recover.
  • Meeting the need of repair of parts covering the car.
  • The pulling force is balanced, easy and labor-saving.
  • Long stretching stroke, wide repair area, downward pulling is possible.
  • It is not limited by air source pipeline. It does not need external power air source.


Length 39.6 Inch
Width 25.6 Inch
Height 35.4 Inch
Weight 143.3 lbs
Air Pressue 70 Mpa
Hydraulic Pushing Force 50 KN
Basic Configuration: 
Quick repair pulling tower 1 Set
Hand pump 1 Set
3.5m chain with hook 1 Piece
Six claw pulling hooks 1 Unit
We have five warehouses across the nation.
They are in CA,TX,GA,IL and NJ.

Please feel free to contact us before purchasing.

Weight 64863.70891 kg
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